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About Projects MARCONI and HRADIO

MARCONI offers fully interactive and personalised radio solutions by integrating broadcast radio with digital and social media. With the development of different microservices, MARCONI enables radio stations to easily manage listener interaction automation, for incoming text, audio, image or video content. Listeners are able to interact with live radio broadcasts via their preferred communication channel, and radio makers are supported with an integrated, automated and privacy-compliant interface. Radio stations are now able to explore MARCONI's solutions and become piloting partners. HRADIO aims to leverage the full potential of hybrid technology for radio, enabling the integration of cost-effective and user engaging live broadcasting with experience enriching online features on mobile applications, portals, connected radios, as well as in the car. This allows broadcasters to deliver time and location independent linear radio services seamlessly linked to personalised on-demand content. Both projects received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 research and innovation programme.

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