Address: 22 rue de la Rigourdière
City: Cesson Sévigné

Country: France

Zip: 35510

Phone: +33 2 30 96 45 13

Website: dazzl.tv

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About Dazzl.TV

Dazzl.tv is an innovative mobile app and cloud-based solution for the live production and delivery of video content. The cloud-based video production suite streamlines live multi camera video production. Using a cloud dashboard, live content can be captured from professional cameras, smartphones, encoders and drones in multiple locations. Content is then edited and streamed direct to web and social media platforms, from any location, providing an easy to use product that significantly reduces costs for a broadcaster. Dazzl's scalable cloud infrastructure provides a cost-­‐ effective way to capture live video even from remote locations using 3G, 4G or 5G mobile networks. In addition, you can simultaneously stream live to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and your own web site providing the ability to affordably reach you audience and engage with your community worldwide.

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