Aximmetry Technologies

Address: Gömb utca 26.
City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Zip: 1139

Phone: 36203187516

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About Aximmetry Technologies

Until now, it has been the privilege of a select group of broadcast organizations to use high-end virtual studio technology. The price of such systems has been restrictive to many and it has been obstructing small studios, educational institutions, experimental labs and individuals from testing and trying new ways with real-3D graphics and virtual environments. Aximmetry aims to lift this barrier and democratize virtual studio technology. The company's exhibit will show that it is possible to create a high-end virtual studio environment from less than € 3,900 including hardware and software. We will invite visitors to experience this solution first hand at our stand in the Future Zone. We have been offering our Aximmetry Community Edition, a fully functional, high-end virtual studio software, for free to anyone who wishes to experience the technology, and all Aximmetry licences under €5K since 2018. This exhibit is the natural continuation of our pursuits.

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