Address: Anders Carlssons gata 7
City: Gothenburg

Country: Sweden

Zip: 417 55

Phone: +46 (0) 31 701 05 00

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About Satcube

Satcube is a disruptive development company in the satellite communications arena that manufactures game-changing portable satellite terminals to enable high-performance broadband – anywhere on the planet, quickly and cost-effectively. Satcube provides seamless broadband connectivity over satellite through easy to use, lightweight terminals. The innovative Satcube Ku terminal is a highly compact, user-friendly device that delivers quick connectivity empowering people at work, businesses and global organizations, to communicate and deliver critical services at any time - without any need for engineering expertise. The Satcube solution is designed for broadcast media companies, emergency response, law enforcement, public safety organizations, tele-medicine, NGO´s, industry and those with remote work locations and high capacity communications needs - targeting industry verticals and work places requiring broadband connectivity where limited or no 3G/4G connectivity is available.

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