BLUESHAPE Energy Inside

Address: Via Liguria 4-6
City: Reggio Emilia

Country: Italy

Zip: 42124

Phone: +390522518556

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About BLUESHAPE Energy Inside

Known for innovation as well as quality, BLUESHAPE introduces CVTR2P, a new dual parallel battery charger that is small, portable and powerful and allows a fast turnaround of large batteries charging 2 x 290Wh battery packs in a bit more than 3 hours, but gently handling smaller batteries. CGTR2P, the 3-Stud version, is also available. Visitors will be able to have a glimpse of the new B-Mount dual-voltage batteries capable of working at 14V and 28V according to the new standard recently launched by ARRI®. Also on show is our line-up of batteries available in both V-Mount and 3-Stud together with the patented GRANITE LINK Wi-Fi system that permits battery monitoring through a free app. The RUGGED Power Stations combine the power of multiple 14V batteries to provide 14V, 28V and 48V at up to 560W in the field for lighting and large cameras

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